Rev. Dr. Tim Wray

Pastor at Lutheran Church of the Master, Airdrie

September 10–12, 2021

Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB

Valuing Creation:

The Economics of Saving


  1. Creation 1: Beyond a Command Economy
  2. Creation 2: Labour and Labour Pains
  3. Session III. A New Creation: Walking through the Dust Cloud


Christians have long wrestled with the question, “What must I do to be saved?” In 2020, concern for personal salvation also includes more concrete concerns about saving our planet.

We may be alarmed by cries that a global movement could have saved the earth if we had acted yesterday. We may be soothed by promises that the markets and technology will save us if prioritized. What do the resources of Christianity have to offer this contemporary crisis? Where is our hope?

Science is a discipline of observation. As a farmer I ask, “What is science teaching us about the resilience of nature?”
Theology is the discipline of the study of God. We approach theology with the humility of mere humanity. We will explore Bible stories, seeking wisdom to answer these questions:

  • What is creation for?
  • What are people for?
  • What must we do to be saved?
    From this discussion, a vision of the salvation of creation and humanity may germinate. As a facilitator, a farmer and a person of faith, my expectation is that “our hearts will burn within us as [the Word] opens to us the Scriptures.” (Luke 24:32)

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