Past Retreats

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Rev. Dr. Matthew Anderson Gatto Chair in Christian Studies at St Francis Xavier in Religious Studies September 15–17, 2023 Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB Drinking Deeply of Scripture: An Expansion on the Book Pairings Sessions:
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Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto Retired Professor of Old Testament Studies at LTS September 9–11, 2022 Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB An Adult Look at Sunday School Stories Sessions: Summary: When we are children, we learn the stories of the Bible and get out of them what we can. But the biblical narratives are highly literary, theological … Read more
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Rev. Dr. Tim Wray Pastor at Lutheran Church of the Master, Airdrie September 10–12, 2021 Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB Valuing Creation: The Economics of Saving Sessions: Summary: Christians have long wrestled with the question, “What must I do to be saved?” In 2020, concern for personal salvation also includes more concrete concerns about saving our … Read more
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Dr. Faith Nostbakken Spiritual Director, Ecumenical Officer, ABT Synod (ELCIC) September 13–15, 2019 Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB A Tapestry of Sacred Stories: Yours, Mine, God’s Sessions: Introducing Sacred Story: Call and Blessing Spiritual Encounters: Personal Relationships Tests/Challenges/Eclipses Summary: We began by considering how our lives can be seen as threads of a story and what … Read more
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2018 OLD

Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen

Justice, Grace, Hope: Making Sense in a Mixed-Up World

2017 OLD

Rev. Dr. Thom Johnson

Reformation and Resistance for Today: Inspiration from the Reformers, Bonhoeffer, and the Interfaith Movement

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2016 OLD

Rev. Dr. Matthew Anderson

Pilgrimage: A Western Canadian User’s Guide

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2015 OLD

Rev. Dr. Cam Harder

Faith in the 21st Century: Politics, Science & the Workplace

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2014 OLD

Dr. Harry O. Maier

Houses of Living Stone: Creating Space for Mission and Identity in a Secular Society

2004 – 2013 OLD

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