Dr. Faith Nostbakken

Spiritual Director, Ecumenical Officer, ABT Synod (ELCIC)

September 13–15, 2019

Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB

A Tapestry of Sacred Stories:

Yours, Mine, God’s


  1. Introducing Sacred Story: Call and Blessing
  2. Spiritual Encounters: Personal Relationships
  3. Tests/Challenges/Eclipses


We began by considering how our lives can be seen as threads of a story and what makes them sacred. Then we explored the first avenue into sacred story through the biblical theme of call and blessing. Two more threads of the sacred tapestry were drawn from our spiritual encounters and our many and diverse relationships: this is the warp and woof of divine and human experiences interwoven.

In the last session, we asked how the darker threads of the unbidden and unasked-for challenges also add texture and meaning to our sacred stories. What, then, is the unique fabric of each of our lives, still unfinished, still becoming?

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