2015 OLD

Rev. Dr. Cam Harder

Professor of Systematic Theology

Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon


September 24–27, 2015

St. Michael's Anglican Church, Canmore, AB

Faith in the 21st Century:

Politics, Science & the Workplace


  1. Faith and Politics
  2. Faith and Science
  3. Faith and the Workplace


The sessions looked at the way in which faith reframes three contested areas of modern life.

Politics: Using Bonhoeffer’s struggle with the corruption of faith under the Nazis and his decision to participate in the plot to assassinate Hitler, we looked at some ways in which faith may inform and challenge political action.

Science: Science texts have been treated as antagonistic to sacred texts by many religious groups. We looked instead at some of the ways in which the Bible and science help each other to develop their full potential for human life.

The Workplace: Drawing on interviews with Christians working at various jobs in Alberta’s oilpatch, we reflected on the ways in which faith does and does not affect the culture of, and decisions made in, the workplace.

Photo highlights from this retreat