2018 OLD

Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen

OMG Centre for Theological Conversation


September 14–16, 2018

Kuriakos, Sylvan Lake, AB

Anna Speaking

Justice, Grace, Hope:

Making Sense in a Mixed-Up World


  1. We Are Justified
  2. Radical Grace
  3. Loss, Grief, & Hope


These loosely connected sessions centered around practical issues of how we can live, as Christians, in a world that continually challenges us.

We considered the factors that have led to a tendency toward quietude in the church. We also learned of theological traditions and resources that help anchor and expand our grasp of the implications of the Gospel.

We considered grace in terms of our interpersonal relations, our approach to public

policies, and our ultimate salvation.

Elements of the Christian tradition, partnered with research and expertise from the disciplines of neurology and psychology, offered tremendous possibilities for framing and attending to the experience of grief, mental illness, and despair. We came away with resources and reasons for hope.

Photo highlights from this retreat

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